what is favicon ?

The term “favicon” is a portmanteau for “favorite icon.” These were icons that, much like today, were displayed with a website title at the top of a browser. A favicon icon has to be a certain size. Otherwise, browsers and devices won’t use them. favicon generator are easy tools to generate your favicon easily


Favicon generator :

As far as building websites are concerned, there are times when the smallest of things make all the difference. One perfect example of these is none other than the favicon. Favicon generator helps you to generate a favicon in a very easy way. 

Favicons are small icons that show up beside the URL of your website in the bookmarks list or address bar of a user.

While not necessarily a must-have website component, it helps form a deeper identity that makes your site more unforgettable. Favicons make you look more credible.

If you aren’t using one yet, the best favicon generator websites can help you exactly with that.

Best Free Favicon Generator : Online Tools 

1. Favicon-Generator.org  


Favicon-Generator.org offers an extensive collection of different favicons. Here, users can look for favicons that they like based on colors, letters, or keywords. With all the different options, you can be sure that you will find something that suits your website.

You can also upload your very own image and produce a favicon for iOS apps, Android, Microsoft, or the web. This is a simple tool that comes in very handy. 

2. Favicon.cc  


If you need the best favicon generator websites, Favicon.cc is another option you can consider. Users can just get started using it. It has a homepage where you can find the creator right away. There is no need for you to sign up for anything for you to use the site.

You can choose from a plethora of colors to produce a favicon pixel by pixel. You can also import images and ensure that these will scale properly.

If you’d want something extra flashy, the website can also be used to generate an animated favicon. There is a preview window that lets you see the exact appearance of your creation once it is scaled down. You could also download your own new mini work of art in a .ico format with no need to register at all.

3. RealFaviconGenerator.net


The best favicon generator websites in this list offer a unique service and RealFaviconGenerator.net is not an exemption. This creator tool lets you create favicons for all platforms such as the most popular operating systems, browsers, and technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and WordPress. After you submit the image, a demo will show you how it will appear. You can even check how your favicon looks for you to know what still needs to be improved.

4. Favicomatic.com


Favicomatic.com is your best choice if you are searching for something flashier. Considered as the ultimate generator of favicons, this is no doubt the easiest, upload and download, and no-frills platform. While you can use this service for free, you might give them some money for offering such a useful service.

5. Genfavicon.com

Best Favicon Generator Websites

Genfavicon.com is a favicon creator tool available in different languages. With the use of a three-step process, you can just choose the image your want to upload. You can then cut it with the use of the interactive cropping tool then get a preview of the result.

You see, you got a lot of choices when it comes to the best favicon generator websites. Some have better customizability than others yet you can be sure that all of them are good in their job.



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