Job seekers are often looking for excellent job boards that can provide them with the perfect opportunity. If you are working on a WordPress website, you can also create an impression on an attractive job board using the plugins available on WordPress. Most of these free WordPress job board plugins available on WordPress, so you can create your job board beautifully and make it even better for you and the people.

Whenever you plan to create a job board, you why it needs special WordPress plugins, and we have discussed some of the best free WordPress job board plugins starting must check right now.

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1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager: Free WordPress Job Board Plugins

One of the famous and most widely used WordPress job boards is the WP job manager. It is the plug-in that has been commonly used up till now. This has a hundred thousand installations and even more.

It can be integrated quickly, and you can add in Manager jobs very easily without any hassle. Anyone looking for the free plugin must use the WP job manager because of the excellent performance and the quick and easy job modifications.


2. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board: Free WordPress Job Board Plugins

The next one on the list is the simple job board, another one of the free job plugins available on WordPress. It is easy to use a WordPress plugin that does not affect the responsiveness of your website.

You can insert a shortcode utilizing this plugin to create an impressive job board, and you can also view the list of applications.

It is a simple and easy-to-use job board that offers excellent flexibility, and there are some premium add-on options also available.


3. Job For WordPress

Job For WordPress: Free WordPress Job Board Plugins

The job for WordPress is the free plugin available on WordPress that you can attach for the positions on the website. There are customization and modification options, and it is a powerful plugin that will allow you maximum comfort and advanced features.

You can create jobs and manage these jobs very easily by providing an excellent user interface. One more thing that is excellent about this job board is wrong it has the PDF format option so that you can quickly post the jobs in the PDF format.

People love this free plugin because of the multiple available features, and you can easily make the job board look attractive. Adding the jobs on this job board is also easy, and you can get easy and quick support even on the free version.


4. WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings

The next most prominent and most used job board free plugin is that WP job opening. It is excellent because of the advantage of a job listing that can be modified and because there are additional features and a premium version also available.

The easy set-up and the feature-rich options provide a better idea and better alternative to putting up the jobs. There is the ability of email notifications as well, and there is the easy submission of the application.


5. JS Job Manager

JS Job Manager

For anyone looking for advertising jobs looking for the other vacancy, this job board plugin can be the easiest to work on. There is around 250 available configuration. Also, you can find 45 shortcodes that can be used for putting up the job applications; there are both free and premium versions available.

You can make the job board attractive with better features. It is worth trying because of the built-in search function, and also, there is a lot more than you can explore with the loaded features that you will come across.


6. Job Board By Bestwebsoft

Job Board By Bestwebsoft

Most of the people on WordPress also preferred choosing the job board by bestwebsoft. It is preferable because of the easy setup, but creating a job board becomes very easy when you are using this plugin.

It is flexible and easily customizable, and also the layout settings are comprehensive and advanced. Moreover, you can easily manage the number of jobs that are available and Employment applications as well.

The shortcode will help with a better display, and you can use the other incredibly functional features for better job management.


7. Apply Online

Apply Online

The last job board plugin that you can use on WordPress is the apply online plugin, a flexible and easy-to-use plugin. It is a multipurpose free plugin available on WordPress and can be used for the job boards and help the people who are seeking a job.

The integration of the job board and the setting up of the attractive job board becomes very easy when you are using the apply online plugin.

You can always change the setting and change the customization options according to your requirement, and the layout can be optimized just the way you want with the features that help with quick and easy customization.


These are a few of the free job board plugins that you can use and explore. Some other options are also available, but some are paid, and the other free options might not have as many features as these eight options have. You must make sure that you choose the right job board plugin whenever you are planning to integrate a job board.

It can be added to help you manage the jobs and have the job seekers apply easily, and you can manage the applications without any doubt. Make sure you are checking if there are features for better customization and changing the layout, as it will help you a lot to make the job board a lot more attractive.

Also, you can try out the premium options that are available with the better application and the flexibility of the features. However, it is essential to learn using the free plugins and then go for the premium options to help you out even more.