In this article, we will discuss WordPress vs Ghost: which is a better website platform? So keep reading.

You might have heard about WordPress a lot. It is an open-source website-making platform that will help you to make the website without any coding. Its drag and drop menu, along with the templates and the easy-to-use theme, attract many people.

But there is something else that you might want to consider. Ghost is another website platform that you might need to consider, and all the features might be a little new to you.

Before diving into making a website, start researching for the ghost website platform; you must know which one of these a between WordPress vs Ghost is better.

Let’s find out which one of these is a better choice.

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What Is WordPress

WordPress is a primary website building platform that will help you make a website quickly without any trouble. The system is open-source. Therefore, you do not require to do any coding.

Any beginner who does not have little idea about coding can always go for WordPress because of the easy downloading, modifying, and using features.

People go for WordPress because they want to create websites and blogs and do not know to code. Now making an excellently responsible website has become a lot easier and better for everyone with WordPress.

What Is Ghost?

Most commonly known as the best alternative for WordPress. Ghost is a new platform that will help create websites and have similar features to the WordPress platform.

However, the good thing about this platform is that it has little to no complexities, and it is better to make your blogs on this platform. The accessible platform is simple to use and user-friendly.

Along with that, the flexible features make it an even better choice for people who are running away from security issues and complex blogging.

For all the new writers and the people who plan to start blogging, this can be the perfect choice to make your portfolio.

Which One Is Easier To Use: WordPress vs Ghost?


Based on the features of WordPress, we can say it is a user-friendly platform. You will have to create the website and integrate it, and you will get the login page.

When you are login into your website, you will get a simple dashboard that will provide you with the control for changing the theme and much more than that.

There are plugins available for the customization of the theme and a lot more. The changing of the website components and the modification is a lot easier when you are using WordPress.


When compared to WordPress, we can say that the primary purpose of the Ghost is to provide a minimalistic blogging platform. There is not a lot of things to customize, but it is simple and easy to use.

With a single click, you can create your content and add a new post. Even though there are not many features for customization and Changing of the website personalization you can always add quick and easy content without any difficulty.

There are few website plugins, but it is still easy because it makes the website simpler to use and less hectic.

Which One Provides More Support?

For the open-source platform, it is essential to have easy and quick support. When your website is not working correctly, the official backing of the related website is super important.

And if it is not capable of providing you timely support, you will be in more considerable trouble.

While comparing one of the website platforms between WordPress and providing better maintenance, we can tell you that WordPress is better in care and support.

The quick maintenance and the support options are excellent when you are using WordPress. Also, Ghost is comparatively a new platform, and therefore there are limited support options.

Whenever you plan to use the website, you need to make sure that you are learning about Limited maintenance and the support you will get from the ghost website.

Cost Of WordPress And Ghost

Both WordPress and Ghost has a different plan for costing. Whenever you plan to start a website, you must make sure that you are checking the costing plan.

WordPress is known for providing a personal website that can be free of cost, but some plugins can cost you a little. Whenever you make a website, you will have to get the premium theme and other plugins that can be paid for.

The personal website plan starts from 49 dollars annually and goes up to 199 dollars a month for the developer website. However, if you check the Ghost website’s cost plan, you will find it comparatively cheaper.

However, you will also find that there are limited options. Therefore if you think of the value of money, WordPress provides you with a better value of money.

Based on all the other features, we can say that Ghost might be a little easier to use and comparatively have better installation and integration options. Still, WordPress is the ultimate choice for most people.

Whenever you plan to make a website that needs to be responsive and high-quality, WordPress is the option because there are many themes and plugins you can use with your website.

Also, the modification options and the support from the website team are excellent as well. However, you might need to pay a little more money when you are using WordPress but based on the benefit you will get from the website, the money is worth investing in.

Also, you do not require any prerequisite knowledge regarding the coding and the setting up of the website. You can take a few with us or read the steps provided by WordPress to start and integrate your website.

And you will be good to go without any trouble. Setting up the website was never easy before the open-source WordPress platform. But now you know you can make your WordPress website very quickly.