Hi guys, In this article, we will discuss how android app development is changing the world? So keep reading.

The advent of smartphones has created wonders. One can get anything they want with just a few clicks. Smartphones have become more of a necessity to people. And these phones are nothing without mobile applications.

The field of mobile application development is infused with incredible innovations every day. When innovation meets technology, it is a mobile application.

To be honest, mobile applications have shaped our lives in a way no one ever imagined. Currently, for everything, there is an app.

Developers are always experimenting with different ideas and invest their creative passion in making modern technologies more usable and helpful. It is out of this passion that we have apps for every part of our life, be it banking, shopping, healthcare, online food delivery and so much more.

It is only with the help of these apps we are able to communicate, play and work at unbelievable speed, all with just a few clicks. The play store and app storehouse millions of mobile apps.

All of this is achieved in merely 9 years of the establishment of these stores. The main reason behind the popularity of mobile apps is that they deliver incredible advantages that have made life convenient.

Android and iOS are the two prevalent mobile operating systems, out of which Android is the dominating operating system, enjoying a wide customer base globally. Android is not limited to mobile devices.

It is running successfully in a number of smartphone models as well as other devices. Developing a mobile application is a complex process and comes with its own problems.

It requires programming knowledge and proper skills. Despite facing several problems, android app developers are overcoming every obstacle in their way to deliver convenience to people.

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How Android App Development Is Changing The World?

The first and foremost thing that android app development is changing is the world economic aspect. It has created many job positions that were unthinkable years ago. With companies working towards building a strong online presence, now is an excellent opportunity for android app developers to experiment with new ideas.

Due to the free availability of apps on the play store along with the luxury of carrying mobile phones everywhere, people became dependent on their mobiles expecting almost every activity to be executed with their mobile phones.

With this rise in demand, mobile app development companies are developing applications for cars, televisions, smartwatches, and what now. If we look around, we find that almost everything we use is running on the Android operating system.

The one that initially started off as an experiment is now managing the lives of people. Android can run on every item with a microprocessor.

Though smartphones running the Android operating system didn’t start off well because of low-quality phones, they transformed exceedingly well. Now there are smartphones and other smart devices available to people based on their budget and requirements.

With time, the quality and speed of android devices are developing significantly. This has come as a boon for android app developers. The increased quality of smartphones is making it easier for them to develop apps.

We can’t deny the number of changes brought by android apps. However, there is always scope for improvement. What can be done to make android app development easier?

  • Replacing the programming language, Java. Java is undeniably the best programming language. But we can’t cling to this for long. As time passes everything becomes obsolete. So, now is the time to think out of the box. Developers should come up with ideas to replace Java as the main language for developing android apps.
  • Another current problem with android is database management. Android is still dependent on SQL commands that hinders the process of development greatly. SQL errors make it difficult for debugging. The lack of GUI to look at the database data makes the whole process difficult and time-consuming. So, to get things done easily and prevent this waste of time, developers should start looking for other options.

New Trends For Android Users

The Android Operating System is constantly evolving, getting better with each version. Being the most popular operating system for mobiles globally means android has more chances to generate trends that people are most likely to use in their everyday devices.

Android did so well to understand this. The sole purpose of the android app developer is to keep himself updated with the new trends in the market and specialize in those areas where the market is heading to.

Here are some of the latest trends for android users.

Payment Apps

With the whole world going online, with online shopping, online food delivery, etc, an android made it easy for its consumers to make easy payments through mobile devices. These days, mobile devices have become the major source of digital transactions.

Online payments made by physical wallets and credit cards go out of trend. Blockchain technology is already set to bring revolution. It is the record keeper of all transactions that ensure that the information is in safe hands.

Android should consider all of these to shape the future of online transactions.

Apps That Go Beyond Screen

Android is experimenting to incorporate Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality into its apps to provide real-life experience to people. AR and VR apps are being developed rapidly. In the coming years, android is most likely to meet the requirements of the current generation.

Cloud Storage

It is the latest trend in android apps. Cloud storage offers android users a new level of storage facilities. But the developers should make sure that it isn’t taking much space.

Android has evolved a lot from being a simple OS to powering many other devices. This isn’t the end. It is expected to grow more with every passing year.

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