Hey guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss how much information is being sent to the web while you read this? So keep reading.

Repeat after me, my most skeptical reader buddy, who still thinks that your secrets are securely secured from prying eyes: privacy on the internet does not exist. The very fact that you connect to the internet, do a Google search on a topic linked to some issue, and arrive on this page you are reading is enough to provide someone information about you, your computer, or this connection gets up in the hands of someone.

It’s possible that it’s Google, the all-knowing, all-seeing machine. They claim that each internet user may produce more knowledge in seconds than civilization has accumulated over millennia. It is impossible to determine if this is true since accurate estimation is difficult. However, we cannot deny that we, as Internet users throughout the globe, generate an enormous quantity of data.

Alternatively, this information is derived only from the cross-section of data on Internet user activity, where distinct access profiles are formed, even if such intelligent monitoring systems initially have no idea who is who. In any event, it’s a huge amount of data, and it’s just getting bigger.

How Much Have You Fed The Internet With Data?


It’s not simply the quantity of data created automatically in ATMs, computers configured to do certain activities, or sports watches and wristbands transmitting data from your daily stroll. Data that is manually provided to the web, where new data is produced in response, must also be considered.

By the time you finish reading this line, there will have been at least 219,000 new posts on Facebook, 22,800 new tweets, and 7,000 downloads and install of other programs.

All of this results in an infinite data festival. More than 24,000 GB of data is delivered to the internet every second, according to a previous Cisco estimate. However, that figure is substantially greater now, and there is no sign that the amount of data will go down in the near future. It will be the polar opposite.

More than 3.6 million GB of data has been uploaded to the internet in the time it took you to read this text properly. You should keep in mind that practically all of the data given is directly related to a financial gain, but this is a little more complicated component that requires more investigation at present time.

However, watching the quantity of data delivered online in real-time (although approximated) through social media postings, Tinder matches, and WhatsApp messages is interesting. When you click on this link, you’ll see statistics that could make some more sensitive individuals gasp for air.

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