I know that a lot of people are interested in the iPhone SE (2022), despite the fact that technology experts all around the globe (including myself) have warned about the device’s limitations, which are essentially the same as those found on the iPhone SE ( 2020). However, everyone is free to do anything they choose with their money. All we can do now is keep attempting to warn you about the worst-case scenarios that may occur if you make that decision. And, in the case of the iPhone SE (2022), the worst thing that may happen is that you look at it, and it cracks or shatters. The CNET website subjected the iPhone SE drop test, and the results are unmistakable. Also, the cracks.

First Fall – iPhone SE Drop Test

iPhone 6 Plus

If you are a more clumsy and clumsy user (like I am, despite the fact that my Galaxy S21 Ultra is still functional), you should consider it ten times before purchasing the iPhone SE (2022). The test conducted and released on the CNET website is so detailed that it serves as a major red flag for anybody considering buying the device. The iPhone SE (2022) takes its first fall, and… that’s it: the device’s screen is smashed. It’s that easy.

Even scratches and severe cracks in the screen are well-protected on this model. On the other hand, witnessing the screen shattering immediately away is a clear clue that the model hasn’t had the same level of safety protection as its more costly brethren, which may leave a sour taste in the mouth and a hole in the wallet. In the event of an accidental fall from the height of a pocket or a table, every smartphone that can be used can handle it without issue. In the case of the iPhone SE (2022), however, the identical drop might result in the screen being entirely broken.

The phone continues to function, but keep in mind that the broken crystal of the screen might cause wounds on your finger in addition to obstructing the view of the components and information presented on the screen. You could even have a new phone in your hands at the end of the day, but the screen is shattered to the point that you’ll have to send it in for repair. Alternatively, you may dump the device if you believe the damage is irreversible (or if you feel it’s not worth mending and you’d be better off obtaining a new phone).

At Least Aluminum Prevents Something Even Worse From Happening.


That’s not the case. Things alter when the smartphone is turned on its side or back. The iPhone SE (2022)’s body is made of aluminum, which prevents damage to the device from penetrating as deep as that shown on its screen. However, this does not prevent the drop marks from appearing on the smartphone’s body. The colorful surface will gradually peel away, giving way to a metallic appearance. However, for more noticeable damage to the iPhone SE (2022) cosmetics to be seen, the gadget does not even need to be dropped from a height much higher than typical. The phone just slips from your jeans pocket.

Anyway, as the last recommendation, it’s essential that you use the iPhone SE (2022) as carefully as possible, since the magnitude of the damage if the phone falls with the screen to the bottom or corner, would break your heart. When the cellphone is dropped on one of its edges, the front and rear are severely damaged in the area of the drop, almost destroying the iPhone and hurting the device’s screen even more significantly. Without a cover or protective film, the iPhone SE (2022) is not meant to survive the most intense adventures of your day. These components are required in order for the gadget to last as long as possible.