Hey guys, today in this article, we will discuss tips for writing faster on mobile. So keep reading.

Nowadays, people seek to save time on everything. When using a smartphone, you should… And productivity is equated with typing quicker on your smartphone. We can talk on the phone for as long as we can speak through text in the smallest amount of time. Also, we have a Friday deadline for that report to be completed.

As a result, we’ll go through several strategies for increasing smartphone typing speed in this piece. But, before you begin, we highly advise you to download Gboard, the Google keyboard, since it is compatible with all of our recommendations. Gboard is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Tips For Writing Faster On Mobile:



This is the quickest way to text on a virtual keyboard, and once you’ve gotten into the habit of swiping your finger over the screen, you’ll seldom need both thumbs to type.

Simply use a keyboard that supports this format and do the following steps:

  • Enter Settings by tapping the three dots on the keyboard (Menu).
  • Select Swiping Handwriting from the drop-down menu and turn it on.
  • To construct the words, start moving your finger over the keys.

Increase Font Size

The concept is simple: the bigger the letters on the virtual keyboard, the less likely you are to write incorrectly, and therefore, the quicker you will type.

Gboard features a setting that makes the keys on the virtual keyboard quite big, making life much simpler for individuals who wish to text quickly on their smartphone. As a result, we strongly advise you to download and install this program.

Use Word Suggestion

Use Word Suggestion

The greatest virtual keyboards provide an automated word recommendation option that matches the text you’re writing. Furthermore, this feature may significantly cut the amount of time you spend typing on your smartphone.

To use this function on your phone, open your favorite virtual keyboard app, go to Settings > Spell Check, and turn on the next word suggestion tab.

Do Text Dictation

This approach isn’t quite typing on a smartphone, but the point of this article is to demonstrate how to utilize shapes to write quicker on a smartphone. And in a crisis, this may be a highly effective method.

Simply speak the material to be turned into text into the phone’s microphone, and the smartphone will take care of the rest. In this transition, Google’s artificial intelligence is incredibly efficient, and the outcomes may surprise even the most discerning.

To utilize this writing mode, just launch a text-editing program and, when the virtual keyboard appears on the screen, press the little microphone. Approve the required permissions for the functionality to function, and then begin speaking the material.

The smartphone’s microphone will record all of the information you’re going to say and convert it to text for you. And at this time, you’ll realize that using your thumbs to type on your smartphone is no longer an option.