When it comes to choosing a hosting solution for your website, you want to pick the best service out there. There are multiple kinds of site hosting, and having a good understanding of how they work and what they have to offer will ease your decision-making process. Today, we take a closer look at VPS hosting. We will clear the air on and around one of the most popular hosting services that you can find, and determine if it’s the right solution for you.

VPS Hosting:

This stands for Virtual Private Server hosting. This type of service uses virtualization technology to allow your website access to several dedicated resources on a server where numerous other users receive similar benefits.

Many website owners choose VPS because it offers some of the advantages of dedicated hosting. Also, these benefits come at a smaller cost than renting a physical private server only for your website.

VPS hosting is a level higher than shared web hosting because it offers more security features and enhanced stability. However, it is still a form of internet hosting that better suits websites with low or medium traffic.

What Is the Price of VPS Hosting ?

VPS hosting is rarely expensive. Monthly rates may vary between $1 to $100 depending on the complexity of your website and the services that it requires.

Most companies sell various packages of VPS that come with a variety of features and tools. You will need to take into account several factors before deciding on a specific pack, such as:

  • The traffic that you expect for your site
  • The storage space that your website requires
  • Features and limitations
  • Technical support
  • Your experience in managing websites

Generally, the monthly price for VPS should be smaller than hosting your website on a dedicated server, and similar to or just above shared web-hosting cost.

How Does IT Work?

A hosting server is a computer that keeps the files, records, and databases of your website. They appear in the form of a public interface to internet users who access your website’s address.

A virtual private server hosts your website and its files on a virtual computer that simulates a physical server. In reality, your website together with other websites is hosted by several physical servers.

Through virtualization technology, the hosting company installs a virtual operating system on top of the operating system of a physical machine. The other websites hosted on the same computer receive the same treatment. So, each user gets access to a private server that is separated from the other websites virtually.

When you opt for VPS hosting for your website, you have access to the same resources of a web-shared server (CPU power, HDD storage space, RAM power, etc.), without physically sharing them with other users.


  • Faster and more secure than shared web hosting
  • Minimal risk of power or speed fluctuations
  • You get superuser (root) access to your server
  • A high level of protection for your databases
  • Perfect for developing websites

The Downsides of VPS Hosting

  • More expensive than shared web hosting
  • Not suitable for beginner webmasters

Is VPS Hosting for You?

If you have a website that attracts moderate traffic, VPS is for you. This form of web hosting gives you full control over your site without having to share your server with other website owners.

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