Web pages are seeing a continuous increase in their sizes. More assets get added that further slow down sites and ruin the overall user experience. However, for websites to load fast, to improve user experience, and to boost SEO, the real culprit should be addressed, and this is none other than images. Image compression tools are used to minimize the size of images so you can boost your SEO and minimize the loading time of your website. 

So far, images are the biggest bloat on any site. Thankfully, the best image compression websites are here to the rescue.

A quick list of best image compression websites we will compare :

1. Compressor.io

2. Giftofspeed

3. Kraken.io

4. OptimiZilla

5. Tinypng

6. ImageRecycle


Six Best image compressor websites compared in detail: 

1. Compressor.io :


Compressor.io has a very modern user interface that makes image compression so much fun. Compressed images can be exported with the use of Google Drive or Dropbox. This offers support for compression of four image formats including PNG, JPEG, SVG, and GIF. If you feel like you will ever need it for future use, don’t forget to bookmark the website right away.

2. GiftOfSpeed :


The GiftOfSpeed website is a place that provides a lot of helpful tools that webmasters will be able to use for testing different dimensions of their site. It is among the best image compression websites that are also very easy to use. You might also want to try the image delivery tool to check if the images on your websites or blog posts are properly optimized. It also recommends things you can do to optimize your website further.

3. Kraken.io :


It is among the top favorites in this list of the best image compression websites where you can compress several files in just one go. All it takes is a simple drag and drop. What makes things cool is that you can also download all compressed files in a single zip file with just one click.

4. OptimiZilla :


If something you will like as it lets you compress images according to the level of quality that you want. The instant preview allows you to compare the original image to the compressed image. You can also set the compression level you like from the preview. It comes in handy if you want to compress a large image and you would like a way of controlling quality loss. It makes use of the best compression and optimization algorithms to shrink images to the smallest possible size while maintaining the required quality level.

5. Tinypng : 

Best Image Compression Websites

Tinypng is among the oldest and most popular websites for image compression. Tinypng also provides a Magento extension and WordPress plugin that can be used for compressing images with no need to manually upload and compress images on their site.

6. ImageRecycle : 

Best Image Compression Websites

The final entry to this list of the best image compression websites, ImageRecycle offers a free online compressor tool. Developers can also take advantage of its API for building their very own tool for image compression. This supports several content management systems with the use of their API. They now have a Shopify app, WordPress plugin, Magento Extension, and Joomla Extension.

Websites are expected to load faster now more than ever and for this reason, it is important to do everything possible to ensure that nothing will impede its speed. The best image compression websites can help you exactly with that.


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