Logo maker is used for making a unique logo for your website and company. When building a website or company, it is important that you have something memorable and unique that will serve as the image of your company. It is common for companies to come up with a logo that serves as the identification of their company and brand. Unfortunately, logo creation isn’t cheap.

The good news is that the best logo maker websites are nowhere to the rescue so you can get help in developing a logo that will best reflect your company or business.

How to pick the best logo maker for you : 

When you’re choosing the best logo maker for your needs, here are some of the things to pay attention to:

  • Ease of use – some logo makers do a lot of the work for you, while others require you to basically build from scratch.
  • Price – some logo creators are 100% free, while others will charge you if you want to download a high-quality version of your logo.
  • Customization features – some logo makers offer full drag-and-drop interfaces and lots of design elements, while others are more limited.

Quick list of best logo maker we will compare :

 1.Design Hill

2. Tailors Brands

3. Wix logo 

4. Looka 

5. Placeit 


Best logo maker comparison in detail: 

1. Design Hill : 

Design Hill

Design Hill provides a no-frills and fast logo maker that can deliver results in a matter of minutes. The design tool of the website is easier to use and offers an extensive variety of finished products.

To get started, you only need to choose your preferences from the library of styles and templates. They will then provide a finished logo that includes most of your preferences. Those who still need something more professional can start a design contest that awards a prize to designers with the top overall logo.

2. Tailor Brands : 

Tailor Brands

The logo design tool of Tailor Brands runs on artificial intelligence. They don’t use any design templates like others. So you can be sure that the logo made will be unique and exclusive to your brand. It also has a suite of other tools for branding including business materials, social media management features, and more.

3. Wix Logo : 

Wix Logo

If you want to centralize your web development and design into one platform. Wix Logo provides an excellent solution. This is one of the best logo maker websites as it is a breeze to use and comes up with unique and simple logo designs. The user needs to complete three quick steps in order to receive a list of potential options for design. Users can pick the elements to change from the taskbar found on the left side of the screen and check how the logo appears on a site through the visualization tool.

4. Looka : 

Best Logo Maker Websites

Looka, previously called Logojoy, offers services that used to be focus mainly on logo creation without heavy branding aspects. But, the company has recently started to offer business cards and brand guidelines among other types of paraphernalia.

It is simple and easy to generate a unique design with only 3 required steps. You choose the preferred icons, colors, and designs. After the users pick their top options, they will be presented with several logo options they can edit, save, and purchase.

5. Placeit : 

Best Logo Maker Websites

Envato’s Placeit provides a template-based logo maker that is easy and quick to use. You just need to enter your business name and industry. After the logo maker will provide you with a selection of templates with the name of your brand according to your industry. After choosing the template you like, you are going to be directed to the editor where you could modify the layout, fonts, and colors of the logo elements.

The best logo maker websites can do wonders in simplifying your task of creating a logo. It perfectly reflects and suits your brand.


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