Congratulations if your smartphone is water and dust resistant to IP68 standards. That means your phone can shower without issue, and even take a fast dip in the pool by mistake. Now, if you don’t have such protection, you should think twice about checking Instagram while relaxing by the pool, since this is not a smart idea. However, if you are adamant and wish to dispel this concern before insisting on the error, now is the moment to provide some replies. Even if they aren’t fond of it. In this article, we are going to discuss cell phones with and without water resistance features. So keep reading

Don’t Even Think About Water In This Case

Phone gets into water

You should start wondering if your smartphone falls into the pool or comes into touch with seawater. Any phone that does not have a water-repellent certification does not have the rubberized glue-based technology installed in its joints. In order to make the device waterproof and more resistant to the effects of water, IP68 devices get an extra quantity of rubberized glue in the places where the housing pieces join together and in the area of the connections.

Having your phone fall into the pool without this element means catastrophe. You may even attempt to salvage it by using one of the many smartphone drying tactics available (we’ve previously discussed this on the site), but in most circumstances, the gadget will die. So, if your phone doesn’t have the IP68 rating, don’t leave it near the pool, and don’t take it to the beach with you. Internal components will almost always deteriorate if exposed to saltwater.

Take Care Of Even The Small Drops Of Water

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The USB-C cable connections and even the microphone holes of the gadget may be penetrated by small droplets of water from the pool, rain, or even perspiration created by our bodies. So keep an eye out for them. IP68 protection is essential to keep the phone operational in the aforementioned scenarios. Without this protection, even a tiny amount of water may cause the gadget or part of its functions to fail. You don’t want to take that chance, do you?

Is There A Way To Get An Unprotected Smartphone Wet?

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After reading everything I’ve said thus far, common sense says that you should have given up on this concept by now, but you’re free to pound the wall. Because common sense isn’t something everyone possesses. Even if your smartphone does not have water resistance, there is at least one way to securely take it to the pool. Simply said, one of those water-resistant cases will suffice. It looks like a ziplock bag, where you put your phone inside, shut it tightly, and leave it floating in the pool with you.

However, it is critical to keep the device hermetically closed at all times to prevent water from entering the bag by mistake. Even still, think carefully about using your smartphone in the pool in this manner, since accidents might happen. You can’t claim to have been warned. This page is here to warn you that if you attempt, things may go horribly wrong. I hope you liked this article on cell phones with and without water resistance features. Thanks for reading!.