Are you struggling to find out some of the best free VPN websites? Do you know that these websites are as good as the paid ones? This post will be revealing the best free VPN sites on the internet at the moment. These sites will provide you with all the protection needed thereby enabling you to surf the internet without any restriction.

There is no doubting the fact that the popularity of VPN services is increasing by the day. This is due to the great benefits they tend to offer users. Such could be improved security, bypass restriction/anonymity, changing of IP address at will, unblocking of your favorite websites, and many more.

Here is the major problem

Most people believe that in order to experience these benefits firsthand, they must sign up with paid VPN websites on the internet. This is far from the truth as free VPN websites can also render such benefits without any compromise.

So without wasting more time let’s start our list.

1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN website that has been meeting the demands of users over the years. It can be used for browsing, gaming, and streaming. This makes it perfect for websites like Spotify and YouTube. Apart from the fact that its security is highly sophisticated (military grade), you are entitled to 500mb of data. This means at the end of the month, you will have used 15GB.

Another aspect whereby Hotspot Shield has proven to be one of the best is that its connection is very stable. Of course, when a VPN service has a connection problem, your identity is likely to be revealed. Also, it has been developed to be compatible with Chrome, Android, Mac, and Windows. With a free VPN website like Hotspot Shield, the sky is definitely your limit.


2. Windscribe


Windscribe definitely deserves a place amongst some of the best free VPN websites given how it has managed to meet the needs of users. You get access to highly sophisticated malware protection and encryption. Its ad-blocking is also superb. Every month users are given free data (10GB) to surf the web without any restriction.

If you happen to be interested in exploring features of top movie sites like HBO, Hulu, and Netflix, this is one of the best VPN sites to explore. Here is a secret that most people don’t know. You can get an additional 5GB for tweeting this company. Other great features you will get with Windscribe are split tunnel and port forwarding. In case you can’t make use of its desktop application for any reason, there is a browse extension.


3. TunnelBear


TunnelBear has been around for quite some time rendering top VPN services. However, most people are not aware that they don’t have to pay a dime before experiencing the premium services that this website offers. If you want to talk about one of the most reliable and trusted providers of free VPN services, this website ticks all the boxes without compromise. Apart from being completely free for users, there is no speed cap.

With its 20 server locations available to be explored, you will achieve a lot of surfing your favorite websites. These are countries like India, Brazil, Spain, Germany, UK, Japan, Italy, and the Netherlands. The best part about TunnelBear is the fact that it allows around 5 simultaneous connections. The only shortcoming is that as compared to the above websites, allowed monthly data is between 500MB and 1.5GB.


4. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Free VPN Websites

There is something special about ProtonVPN. This is the fact that it isn’t just a free but also an unlimited VPN site. It means you can surf any website online without limitation or fear of your data running out. There are very few free VPN websites that offer zero data cap to users. This is why most people consider ProtonVPN as one of the best. Its interface is intuitive and friendly to make use of. Its free package makes 3 sever locations to be available. Please note that the browsing speed isn’t as fast as those websites mentioned above.

Also, you may need to try its different server locations in order to find the one that can enable you to explore Netflix. Finally, ProtonVPN has been designed to be compatible with different platforms like Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. It means that regardless of the device you are making use of, this free VPN will always work perfectly. Only one connection is allowed at a time though.



Hideme Free VPN Websites is a VPN that is completely free for users. Although you can’t browse Netflix, there are lots of advantages that it offers. For instance, it is perfect for torrent websites since your identity will be protected given its sophisticated encryption. As a user, you will be given 10GB every month. The server locations available on this site are 5. These are located in countries like the US (2), Germany (1), Canada (1), and the Netherlands (1).

One of the benefits of this VPN site is that it tends to render zero-logs services. This simply implies that no detail about your online activities is stored. Your privacy is protected by this site. Also, you can take advantage of its 24/7 customer support.


6. OperaVPN

OperaVPN Free VPN Websites

With OperaVPN, you don’t have to worry about anonymous surfing again. Of course, Opera happens to be a web browser with an in-built VPN (free). The data that you will get access to here is completely unlimited. Furthermore, there is malware protection and an in-built ad blocker. There are three virtual locations available with this VPN. These are Asia, Europe, and America.

Please note that Opera isn’t perfect for streaming since selecting a specific browsing location is not possible. However, it is great for those who want to surf Wi-Fi networks that are public.



Based on the above, it is obvious that you don’t have to spend money in order to enjoy online privacy. Even if you plan to explore popular movie streaming sites like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, and many others, such is very possible. All you have to do is choose anyone from the above that supports streaming activities.

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