Choosing a perfect domain for your website is all about finding the ideal name that has a ring to it. Most first-time website owners face the grueling task of brainstorming for the best domain name they can find. If you are in that situation right now, don’t despair! We have come up with ten tips on how to choose a perfect domain name for your website that will save you time and energy, and meet your expectations!

1. Get A “.com” Domain

First things first, you should stick to the most popular domain for websites, which is “.com.” Nowadays, there are multiple terminations that you can choose for your site name. However, when people will be looking for your business online, they will search for “,” which is the most credible domain termination.

2. Use Keywords In Your Domain Name

If your website doesn’t represent a specific brand name, you should use relevant keywords in your site name to help it rank better on Google results pages. Use this tip especially if you have a particular topic for your websites, like ceramics, homemade cupcakes, or online piano classes.

3. Keep It Short

Nobody wants to type a domain name that has twenty letters and six numbers in it. To choose the perfect domain for your website, stick to a short, but relevant name for it.

4. Make It Easy To Spell

If your domain name is a short 5-consonants word, users will have a hard time pronouncing it, which will affect brand awareness. Make your website name easy to spell and remember.

5. Keep It Unique

You should aim to have a unique, brand-able domain name, and not one that sounds too generic. Avoid making it sound like your competition’s site, or your potential customers will mistake them for you, and take their business there.

6. Avoid Hyphens And Double Letters

Adding unnecessary characters to your domain name can make it difficult to remember or to type. Website names that have double letters or hyphens tend to scare away users, and you may also lose traffic to common typos.

7. Leave Room For Your Business To Grow

Always pick a domain name that says more about your business than it meets the eye. Let’s say that you currently sell plastic plates. It would be a bad idea to name your site “” because maybe you will expand your business to sell plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and so on.

8. Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying A Domain Name

Do some research before paying for a domain name! Not only that it might be taken by another business, but it may sound too close to other websites that are more established, and potential customers might confuse your website for the other one.

9. Search For Potential Double Meanings

If you wish to address the international community of internet users, you might want to look for the meaning of your website’s name in other languages to avoid any misinterpretations.

10. Ask A Friend

After setting on a domain name for your website, survey your friends. Their honest opinions will tell you a lot about how others will react once you publish it.

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