Hey guys, today in this blog post, we are going to discuss the galaxy note is dead, but the s pen is not. So keep reading.

I know I’ve stated it before on the site, but Samsung insists on repeating it, so there’s no ambiguity: the Galaxy Note series is gone for good. That is no longer the case. It’s pointless to grieve for the dead. However, we have a unique offering that may pique the curiosity of those who are most worried about the line’s conclusion. The smart pencil OS Pen, which was (most likely) the major reason someone purchased a Galaxy Note, is still available. That is, you may now begin to breathe a sigh of relief.

You Will Continue Taking Notes On The Screen Of Samsung Phones

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With the introduction of the Galaxy S22 series (specifically, the Galaxy S22 Ultra), it was clear that Samsung had opted to combine the best of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines into one model, obviating the need for a smartphone launch with an S Pen in the second semester of each year. However, some people were concerned about how life would be without the Galaxy Note and what would happen to the S Pen. So, at Mobile World Congress 2022, Roh Tae-moon, the head of Samsung’s smartphone business, revealed that the Note line was dead and buried (no news here) and that the Ultra series would be in charge of delivering the smart pencil to customers.

Although it is unlikely that Samsung considered terminating engagement with its devices via the use of a smart pencil at some time, confirmation is always welcome. After all, the Galaxy Note series has a long history in the smartphone industry, having marked a turning point and establishing a pattern that is now widely followed.

Gained Respect After A Lot Of Bullying

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The Samsung Galaxy Note debuted in 2011 under a barrage of criticism from the press and consumers, and it had to earn everyone’s respect. Many people at the time thought that a 5.3-inch screen was excessive. The original Note had a height of 14.7 cm. That is, it is just 1 millimeter bigger than Samsung’s new Galaxy S22, which is now the smallest of the company’s new smartphones. To put it another way, the time has shown that everything is a question of perspective. It used to be common to have cellphones with smaller displays, and society has gotten used to being shocked by the unexpected.

It’s a bit of a stupid regulation (and it’s important to be explicit about that). Now, the Galaxy Note may rest in peace, having completed its mission to transform an entire market and set the trend. Growing up means learning to say goodbye to things, and Samsung is now focusing on folding phones. Nonetheless, his legacy endures. The Galaxy S Ultra series will remind us that at least 5% of Samsung consumers desire to interact with their phone professionally and accurately using the S Pen, one of the most essential accessories in the history of mobile telephony.

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