Say goodbye to your iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus should, in principle, be retired by now. The model has a life expectancy of about seven years, long for any technological product. In actuality, however, Apple has ensured the device’s longevity, which is remarkable when compared to rival smartphones. Even the iPhone 6 Plus, however, is not indestructible. It won’t get any new upgrades, including security fixes. It has been decommissioned in practice. Of course, you may use the old Apple smartphone for other things, such as a WiFi repeater or a multimedia center. However, the moment has come to start looking for a new smartphone to call your own.

The Secrets Of The iPhone 6 Plus Success


It’s crucial to understand how the iPhone 6 Plus varied from the competition before looking for another smartphone with similar features. On the other hand, it’s important to put everything into perspective, since certain things have altered since the book was published. In any case, the iPhone 6 Plus stands out to this day for its screen size, which was large enough to satisfy people who were frustrated by Apple’s tiny displays. Another feature worth noticing was its CPU, which was very powerful for its day (as shown by the model’s extended life – over 7 years).

What about the cameras on the iPhone 6 Plus? Over the years, he has received a lot of appreciation for the images and movies he has taken. If my memory serves me well, it was the first iteration of Apple’s phone that was primarily utilized for business reasons. Finally, and maybe most importantly, there are updates. The iPhone 6 Plus has been around for a few generations, and components should be available until September 2023. (at least). It is a model that might be referred to as “a long and wealthy existence.”

Similar Options

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There are a few comparable and less-expensive choices for people upgrading from the iPhone 6 Plus. I realize that buying an iPhone 13 Pro Max would be great, but the world isn’t perfect (and money is short for everyone). One of the most cost-effective options is the iPhone SE (2020). It features an upgraded version of iOS, is small in size, has decent cameras, a capable CPU, and is reasonably priced. Who knows, if you can live with your battery’s sub-optimal autonomy, it could be the right decision for you.

The iPhone 11 is the greatest or at the very least the most well-balanced, choice. Like the iPhone 6 Plus, it has a larger screen, a greater battery, a similarly capable CPU, fantastic cameras, and should get numerous survivals. You do lose the fingerprint scanner, but it’s still a fantastic purchase. If you wish to switch to Android now, I’m not even going to list brands or models. There are a variety of choices on the market, all of which can be had for a fraction of the price of a new iPhone. Perhaps it’s time you experimented with something new in your life, such as a new mobile operating system? I hope you liked this article on Say goodbye to your iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks for reading.