Hey guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss why doesn’t Google want phone call recording apps on the play store? So keep reading.

After much deliberation, Google has decided that it will no longer accept apps that record phone calls on the Play Store. This puts an end to an era of producing evidence without the other person’s consent; as well as collecting customer service information that may be useful to Procon in the future.

In reality, Google intends to fully abolish the ability to record phone conversations on Android cell phones, which is now possible. The company’s partners that build phones that run on its operating system are not covered by this policy; we are aware that certain firms have included the call recording capability into bespoke interfaces.

In this article, we’ll look at why Google opted to remove the phone call recording apps from Android; despite the fact that the justification for doing so seemed to be rather evident at the time.

Why Is Google Killing The Joke?

Why Is Google Killing The Joke

The majority of users are dissatisfied with Google’s decision; since the call, recording tool may be quite beneficial in a variety of circumstances. As an example… Who has the ability to remember or write down in a short period of time the sequence of 15 digits that Claro/electronic NET’s service passes to the client while the service is in progress?

But the difficulty is that not everyone has the foresight to solely utilize phone call recording for its intended purpose of analyzing conversations. There are lots of privacy invasion incidents, you can find on a regular basis; Google doesn’t want to associate with this practice in the future since it might put them in legal difficulty.

Google’s choice, on the other hand, may be explained in terms of technological considerations. Keep in mind that call recording applications make use of the accessibility API that is included in Android smartphones in order to begin to comprehend these causes.

Thus, if an Android smartphone owner has some degree of functional variety; the smartphone may be configured to perform effectively in this situation by the manufacturer. Also problematic is that when developing these call recording programs; it was not Intentional but they are making sporadic use of this API for purposes.

Google, on the other hand, became bored of it. That is all there is to it.

And Now? What Will Happen?

What Will Happen

Of course, Google took into consideration the fact that many users make use of the call recording tool in an unlawful or unethical manner; as we have previously discussed in this article. This is important to remember; recording phone conversations without the knowledge or agreement of the other party to the discussion is a breach of their right to privacy.

In this manner, Google protects itself from any potential legal concerns that may arise in the future. Even with the revisions, developers will almost certainly come up with additional ways to maintain the phone call recording capability; particularly in jurisdictions where the activity is a concern as legal.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Google offers an application that enables you to record phone conversations; however, this function is not available in all countries. It’s strange, isn’t it?