Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss how to permanently delete your Twitter account? So keep reading.

People are actually contemplating abandoning Twitter now that Elon Musk has acquired control of the social media platform. We shall not pass judgment on these individuals since it is impossible to foretell what will come out of their heads and, more importantly, what will come out of their reflections on these ideas.

That’s why we’re going to walk you through every step of the process of permanently deleting your Twitter account in this article. If you follow the necessary procedures, you should be able to do this without more issues.

There are certain situations when you can go back and change your mind. The other solutions listed here are one-way streets, as opposed to this. So make an informed decision.

How To Permanently Delete Your Twitter Account:

Basic Rule: Stay 30 Days Off Twitter In All Cases

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We will show you how to deactivate your Twitter account, but it is critical that you do not go into the social network for the next 30 days after you have done so. After that point, the platform recognizes that you no longer desire to be a part of it and permanently deletes your account.

That is, regardless of the technique you pick to delete your account, you have at least 30 days to change your mind and reinstate your account. Following that, the removal is complete. A deleted account cannot be recovered: you will lose anything you have written on it throughout the course of its existence.

Deleting The Twitter Account From The Website

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  • Log in with the account you wish to delete on Twitter’s website.
  • Enter the More Options item in the right-hand options column (circle icon with three dots).
  • Select Settings and Privacy from the menu that displays (gear icon).
  • To deactivate your account, go to Your Account and select Deactivate Your Account.
  • Then choose Disable from the drop-down menu. Your account will be inactive, and your session will be ended.
  • After 30 days of inactivity on Twitter, the account in issue will be permanently deactivated.

Deleting Twitter Account From Mobile App

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  • Sign in to the Twitter app using the account you wish to remove.
  • Select Settings & Privacy from the side menu.
  • Deactivate the account after entering the item Your Account.
  • Then choose Disable from the menu. Your account will be inactive and your session will be ended.
  • After 30 days of inactivity on Twitter, the account in issue will be permanently deactivated.


I recognize that Twitter users who are more worried about the platform’s future have a genuine right to at the very least explore the prospect of quitting the social network before the modifications that will be imposed by Elon Musk take effect.

As Musk has always positioned himself as an unwavering protector of freedom of speech; some of these shifts are already visible. We all know how perilous it can be to be an outspoken advocate in today’s environment.

It will be necessary for everyone to wait and see what occurs. The only thing that is definite at this moment is that Twitter has a new owner, which is causing a great deal of consternation among its users.

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