Many people think that a nail care routine is taxing and time-consuming. However, with a few simple nail care habits, you will not need to dedicate more than a few minutes to your nails every week!

The following nail routine is the perfect at-home nail care system that you can have; with a few essential tools and products, you will be able to have great-looking nails, and more importantly – they will be healthier than ever.

Trim Your Nails On The Shorter Side

Yes, most of us have become hooked to the long nail trend; however, longer nails break more easily than short nails, as they snag and bump against items during the day.

If you want to keep your nails healthy, trim them to a relatively short length, and file the edges. Also, if you are addicted to longer nails, it will take some getting used to.

If you cannot say goodbye to lengthy nails, choose a shape that is less likely to break, like coffin-shaped nails.

Prefer More Natural Products

No surprises here; the more natural the products that you use, the better for your nails. While most people focus mostly on natural moisturizers and other hand-care products, this is not what we mean; to protect your nails from damages, you should use water-based nail polish and water-based nail polish remover.

A healthy nail care routine should include only or mostly natural products, and that includes nail polish.

Use A Base Coat And A Base Coat

These two products are the secret weapon for making manicures last longer; a base coat helps nail polish adhere better to the nails. A top coat seals the deal and protects nail polish from chipping too quickly.

As we said in the previous tip, try using natural topcoats and base coats; these will not only make your nails look great, but also keep them strong and healthy.

Moisturize Your Hands

Good-quality hand cream will nourish your skin and nails, all with one stroke. A good nail care routine should include the use of a hand lotion/cream, and you should keep a small bottle in your bag.

And yes, at the risk of sounding like a broken record (remember those?), you should use natural products.

Protect Your Cuticles

When we say this, we mean two things:

  1. Do not trim/push back your cuticles
  2. Use a cuticle conditioner

Yes, nail technicians push back cuticles as part of manicures, but it’s not the best thing for your nails. You should definitely not push back or trim your cuticles by yourself if you do not have the proper training for it.

The cuticles protect the nailbeds and help with the healthy growth of nails, so you should let them be. To nourish your nails and cuticles, you should also incorporate a cuticle conditioner into your nail care routine. The one by TrySprig has won Best in Class, so you can’t go wrong with it.

The all-natural product revives the cuticles, and as a bonus – it gives nails a natural shine. Applying it once to three times a week will make your nails look better than ever.

Wear Gloves When Possible

Water is the elixir of life, but it could mean death to nails (with frequent use). If you wash your hands often or wash dishes by hand – you should stop.

When doing chores that involve contact with water and other liquids -you should wear protective gloves. If you wash your hands often, moisturize them afterward. Too much water weakens the nails, so you should incorporate the use of gloves into your daily nail care routine.

Bottom Line

So, what do you say about this nail care routine? Not too difficult; by adjusting a few habits, your nails can become strong and healthy. Tweak your weekly routine, and your nails will thank you and look awesome as a result.