Hey guys, in this article, we will discuss how to perform an online mugshot search. So keep reading.

Approximately a third of the people in the United States has a criminal record. That means that more than 100 million individuals have been accused of committing a crime, at least once in their life.

The information in criminal records is available to the public, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act in the country. So, if you want to find out if someone in your life has a criminal record, you can perform a mugshot search. The most efficient way to do so is to use a public records search directory.

The following information will provide you with information about an online mugshot search, and which directory you can use to easily track down mugshots.

How To Find Mugshots In The United States

As mentioned, the public can access criminal records. However, it is important to know that you cannot find all the criminal records in the US.

There are places, like North Carolina, that restrict access to public records. Also, data from juvenile records, sealed records, and expunged records are not accessible to the general public.

So, who provides access to criminal records? How can you perform a mugshot search and find out who has a criminal past? The answer is public records databases; these days, laws enforcement agencies in the country collect data and save it in digitized records.

The information that is collected during the arrest and booking process is digitized, so you can access it via public records search directories.

If you want to access records that are earlier than 1992, you can do so, but the data will not be digitized. So, now that you know a little more about public criminal records, it is time to discover how to perform a mugshot search.

Also, you can find mugshots via law enforcement agencies; you will need to contact the agencies through one of these contact methods: email, US post, phone, fax. You can also look up the agency online (through a search engine), and locate the mugshot search service on the website.

Most offline mugshot search services will cost you; you will need to pay for each search, file an official request for the search, provide proof of identity, and wait to get the results.

Online Mugshot Search With GoLookUp

Another way to find mugshots is to use an online public records search directory, like GoLookUp.

Like with other methods, you need certain details to get access to arrest records; in the case of GoLookUp, you need to enter the following into the directory: first name, last name, state of residence.

The directory bases its searches on these details, and it scans countless public records to provide you with an arrest record report. The report will include all the details about the alleged crime, including mugshots, and further legal proceedings.

The mugshot search will help you distinguish between people, which is helpful because there are many people who share the same name in the country.

Also, GoLookUp provides users with unlimited searches; this means that you can perform as many mugshot searches as you want, without having to pay for each search.

You can also use other services on the website for your mugshot search, if you do not know how to spell the name of the individual in question, or if you cannot find what you were looking for with the name-based directory.