In this article, I am going to talk about Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Disney+ Hotstar: Which One You Should Pick. So keep reading.

Disney finally launched its video streaming service in India, Disney Plus last year. The newly launched service offers video content from Hotstar along with TV shows and movies from popular channels like FOX, HBO, and Disney originals.

Disney+Hotstar is available in India in three tiers. The first one is an Ad-supported basic tier. The second tier is called the Disney+Hotstar VIP plan. This plan costs ₹399 and offers plenty of movies and TV shows from Marvel Cinematic Universe, superhero movies, and popular Disney movies along with the Hotstar VIP content for its subscribers.

And the final tier is the Disney+Hotstar premium plan. This plan is priced at ₹1499 per year and it was earlier priced at ₹999 per year. With the Premium subscription, the subscribers will get access to all the Disney+ original content that includes titles under Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar.

This plan also includes Hotstar Specials, and the entire English movie and TV show library. This premium plan also includes many Hollywood blockbusters and American TV shows from FOX, HBO, and Showtime in addition to the Hotstar content.

But, having said all this, Disney+ is not the only video streaming platform available in the country.

How About Amazon Prime Videos?

Popular e-retailer Amazon offers Prime Videos to its subscribers in India. Prime Video offers its Indian subscribers access to the Amazon Originals that includes movies and shows produced by Amazon itself, along with popular movies and American TV shows. It offers a wide range of movies in nine different Indic languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

When it comes to the subscription cost, Prime Video in India is available with the Amazon Prime subscription. It also provides its subscribers access to the company’s express shipping service, Prime Music, Prime Now, and Prime Reading. It is priced at ₹999 per year or you can opt for a monthly subscription at ₹129 per month.

How About Netflix?

Netflix, on the other hand, offers its subscribers with a vast collection of movies and TV shows in both Hindi as well as English. Netflix is available with four different plans for its subscribers in India. The first plan is the ₹199 Mobile plan and it gives its subscribers access to unlimited movies and TV shows.

This plan works only on smartphones and tablets. The second plan, ₹499 Basic plan, offers its subscribers unlimited movies and TV shows. This plan can be used for streaming content on smartphones and PCs. The third plan, ₹649 Standard plan, enables its subscribers to access HD content and that too on two screens at a time.

And the fourth and final plan, the ₹799 Premium plan, gives its subscribers access to ultra HD content and you can use it on four different screens at a time.

So Which One Should You Opt For?

There are no straight answers to this question. Prime Video offers vast regional content and its subscription comes paired up with other Prime benefits. Netflix, on the other hand, contains one of the biggest libraries of movies and TV shows.

Whereas Hotstar, which is now Disney+Hotsar, offers its subscribers content from Disney and its companies that include HBO, FOX, along with a vast collection of Bollywood movies, and TV shows from different Indian channels.

Ultimately, it boils down to one simple question – what do you intend to watch? If you are looking for something that all your family members can use, you should definitely for Disney+Hotstar. Since most of its content primarily focuses on region-wise audience, everyone can find something for themselves to watch on this platform.

It is no secret that sports unite everyone and this i9s where Hotstar scores over Prime Video and Netflix. So, if you are looking for an OTT platform that satisfies everyone in your family, you can blindly opt for Hotstar.

Amazon Prime offers a kind of mixed group. If you are someone who prefers movies/series rather than regional serials, you can definitely opt for this platform. It also offers a lot of regional content along with various international content and movies. It will be a very good choice if you are someone who uses more Amazon services.

Netflix, on the other hand, is mostly for the young audience, mostly between the age group of teens and late ’30s. The content available on Netflix is min-blowing. It offers a whole lot of different experiences compared to Amazon Prime and Disney+Hotstar.

So that’s all from this blog. I hope you enjoyed this article on Netflix vs Amazon Prime Vs Disney+ Hotstar.