Some technological innovations are legendary and very significant to this section. Evolution continues, and some of these innovations represented a watershed moment in human history. In this article, we’ll look at six of these technological breakthroughs that defined a technology before and after.


Mouse On Table

(Almost) everyone has or has used this peripheral at some time in their lives if they have ever used a computer. The trackball, a predecessor system that had a cursor controlled by a tracking ball, which moved digital information on the screen, was invented in 1946.

As we know it now, the first prototype computer mouse was created by William English and Douglas Engelbart in the early 1960s. Perpendicular wheels at the bottom, a button at the top, and a handle made up the gadget, which was housed in a wooden box. It was first shown to the rest of the globe in 1968.


Information Security: Technological Breakthroughs

It is impossible for us to fathom our lives without it.

It is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, transforming technology and telecommunications. Also, it has pushed civilization to unanticipated boundaries with no clear end in sight.

The internet has permanently altered how we communicate and operate. Companies and governments have yet to be able to gain control over their semi-anarchic data transfer.

It began in the 1960s when Bell (now AT&T) discovered that a modem could send binary data over a telephone connection. As a result, the Pentagon established the ARPAnet, a network that originally linked a few colleges before crossing the whole United States.


Mobile GPS

It may be found in various gadgets, and it is another technological marvel that sprang from military research.

The Pentagon came up with the idea for the Navstar Global Positioning System. In 1978, the first GPS satellite was sent into orbit. The US government approved its usage in other areas in 1993, and it became commercially accessible in 1995 under the abbreviation SPS.


Much Can A Drone Lift

Unmanned airplanes are a long-standing idea that has been employed for decades. Several experiments with these vehicles have been carried out and expanded to the current day from the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century.

Drones, fortunately, may be utilized for a variety of reasons, including environmental protection, rescue, infrastructure, material delivery, and medical support, among others.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband: Technological Breakthroughs

The smartphone would not be what it is today if it weren’t for it, and it is a technology that has advanced drastically in only 20 years.

Generations of mobile communications networks have ushered in a paradigm change in standards, technological capability, and new products across many sectors.

3D Printers


Another tremendous technical accomplishment of our century, for which no one can adequately describe the purpose to this day. 3D printers are here to stay, and their presence represents a revolution in that they enable the production of (nearly) anything at a cheap cost.

The first 3D printers appeared in the 1980s, with some standard printer modifications and advancements. Changes have converted the ink printing technique into materials printing, which is now used in a wide range of sectors.

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