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As if you didn’t have enough issues with Windows 11 already… If you were grumbling about Windows 11’s boot time, lift your hands to the skies and praise God if you have an operating system that takes a LONG time to start up. There are those in much worse circumstances than you. On internet forums and specialist websites, some Windows 11 users say that the operating system takes up to 40 minutes to launch on their devices. A very long time for an operating system that may boot up in seconds depending on the RAM and SSD present in the machine. What, after all, is going on?

Your Job Doesn’t Take Up That Much Time, Right?

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We began to comprehend what occurred when we looked at the enhancements to the KB5012643 update that Microsoft provided for Windows 11. Among other things, it was able to locate a reference that astonished even the most skeptics: “Resolves an issue where some point-of-sale machines have up to 40-minute operating system startup delays.”

I admit that it is not a failure that has affected my Windows 11 systems at work, but I have no doubt that it was occurring. Certain extremely particular hardware and software combinations seem to be producing issues with Microsoft’s operating system, resulting in unexpected outcomes and very long startup times, both on startup and reboot.

I admit that this is the kind of issue that most current Windows users believe would be abandoned, particularly now that the mechanical hard drive has been effectively phased out and the SSD has (finally) replaced it as the storage standard for most PCs.

Even if you don’t have an Intel Optane system (which boosts the speed of computers, even those with a mechanical hard drive), any entry-level computer may now start up quickly. Not to add that, despite its flaws, Windows 11 is highly efficient. For those who need mobility, the Samsung Galaxy Book S, a notebook with a “smartphone” CPU, provided faster performance, longer battery life, and a wealth of features.

That is, it is difficult to comprehend what occurred. One of Microsoft’s mysteries is this. What gives?

Did The Issue Affect Many Users?

Did The Issue Affect Many Users

No, it seems. However, the issue had an impact on some individuals. Those who had to live with this anomaly had to cope with it for a limited period. As you will see from the rest of this article, Microsoft has already identified the issue and included a patch in one of its most recent updates, so anybody who encounters it will be able to work around it.

Even if the days of making a black coffee with scrambled eggs and toast while loading up the computer are long gone (thankfully). Nobody wants to go back in time when it comes to technological usability. Unless, of course, we want to collect old smartphones, which I intend to do.

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