Hello guys, today in this article, we are going to discuss an easy way to help Windows run faster. So keep reading.

We realize it’s not simple to maintain peak performance for as long as feasible.

The great majority of individuals who own a computer or notebook spend the bulk of their time connected to the internet, which leads to continual data usage. Websites in 2023 are more comprehensive and complex, with more graphics, videos, and resources. As a result, more is expected of the devices that access internet information.

The temporary files saved on your device and the internet technologies that these sites use to give the intended experience might slow down your computer over time. Not to mention that we now perform more tasks on our devices at the same time, which might lead to increased stress in the medium and long run.

The good news is that a few tips may help you boost your computer’s performance in a simple manner, avoiding the need to make an instant investment in the replacement of a component or the purchase of a new PC or laptop.

The Windows Event Viewer

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This is a pretty easy method that will make your PC or laptop run quicker. The goal is to eliminate all of the files saved in the Windows event and success viewer.

Then you inquire, “What exactly is this event viewer?”

It is a Microsoft add-on that allows users to control each event that occurs inside the operating system by monitoring many parts of the Windows registry, including security, apps, and other factors.

What occurs is that the event viewer records each activity or application you run on the computer and the many problems and warnings that may interfere with the equipment’s functioning.

When you delete this data, the operating system learns how to work more completely and correctly, which speeds up application execution and improves the computer’s overall performance.

How To Clear The Windows Event Log?

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Simply delete the operating system’s event log to boost the performance of your Windows computer and allow it to comprehend how it should function completely. To do so, take these steps:

  1. You must go to the Start menu and pick the Control Panel from there.
  2. Click Administrative Tools, then System and Security. You can also use the search box to look for “event.”
  3. Double-click Event Viewer after logging in as an administrator. You’ll see a list of events that you may attend.
  4. Now you must right-click on the event you wish to remove and choose Delete. Where it reads “registration” on the left side.

It is possible to repeat the procedure for each occurrence. Simply closing the window will allow you to continue working on your computer when you have completed making changes. Hopefully, this will assist you in improving the performance of your Windows PC or laptop. Moreover, please don’t forget to share this article on an easy way to help Windows run faster with your friends and social media followers.