Bread Delivery Business: Starting a bread distribution business may seem like a big investment right? Getting a warehouse to bake bread, hiring tons of employees and we can’t forget the expensive equipment! But is all of this really required…Let’s explore other options to start your own bread route business without having to spend a lot of money!

What Is A Bread Delivery Business?

A bread delivery business is a type of food service business that delivers fresh bread to businesses. A bread delivery company typically includes a fleet of trucks that deliver bread products to businesses. Examples of companies in this industry include bimbo bakery, Sara Lee, and also the iconic bread wonder bread to browse more you should check where they have a section for bread routes for sale.

Types of Bread Business To Start:

When it comes to starting a bread business there are 3 types and I will explain each one in this section:

Commission-Based Bread Routes:

A commission-based business is a business where the employee or contractor earns a percentage of the sale for each product sold. This type of business is often used in sales, real estate, and insurance industries and also in the food industry like bigger bread companies that want to brand out without the headache of franchising.

The commission-based business model has been around for years. It was originally used to encourage salespeople to sell more products to their customers by giving them a share of the profit on each sale they made. Now, it’s being used by companies as a way to incentivize their employees and contractors without having to pay them an hourly wage or salary.

Take for example you joined a major brand bread company, you can join up as a regional partner and start selling their bread; it is basically your bread route but they do all the hard work like baking.

Buying Wholesale Bread and Selling It:

Finding local bakeries is easy with the help of google, you can pay them a visit and tell them you are interested in distributing their bread, and they will give you a set wholesale price for each skew like price per Italian bread, prices for kaiser roll etcetera.

When looking for a bread wholesaler you can’t just choose the first one you find, there is a lot that comes into picking the right bread partner, the bread you sell has to be liked by your customers so they can then use it for their customers …you still me?

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Bread Wholesaler!

  • The bread quality: Choosing the right quality will make you win long term; good bread equals happy customers equals more referrals
  • The bread price; If the price is too high you will be working for free, even top-quality bread has a price, businesses want good bread at low cost, I suggest going to areas where you want to sell and purchasing bread to see what they are charging and how much you will pay it, you will get an idea of how much you can make per bread
  • The days and hours of operation: bread route owners deliver bread at night so if the hours don’t add up for you then it may be a nightmare servicing your customers
  • The integrity of the brand: The reputation of the wholesaler is key, do your research and see what other distributors experienced with them, you don’t want to select a partner that will not deliver your bread orders on time
  • The distance from you and the wholesale: if you live in new york find a bread wholesaler in new york, bread deliveries are usually done daily 4 – 5 times a week.

Baking The Bread and Selling It:

This operation requires the bug bucks! It is a great business but when the time is right, first I suggest starting as a bread distributor and then building up your clientele once that is done you can use your customers and show them samples of your bread…you can then sell your existing bread route and also list it on market places, or

What is needed to start your own bread wholesale…

Bread Baking Equipment:

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are many things that need to be considered before one can start their own business. One of those considerations is the cost of reading baking equipment.

The cost of reading baking equipment varies from one company to another and from one piece of equipment to another. This is because different companies sell different brands and types of bread-baking equipment; so it’s hard to give a general price range for all types of bread-baking equipment.

The first step in starting a business is figuring out your budget, and then deciding what type of ready baking equipment you need for your business.


Second thing is to find the best location for your bakery. A good location will have plenty of foot traffic and parking. It should also be close to residential areas, schools, and grocery stores. Next, you need to buy your equipment and supplies like ovens, mixers, dough sheeters, refrigerators, etc. You will also need an oven that is big enough for your needs; having a warehouse/ storefront can be used for both selling to distributors and to the public.


The best vehicles for bread delivery are vans and trucks. Van and truck drivers can use these vehicles to deliver their goods to their customers. These are the most efficient way of delivering a large number of goods in a short amount of time.


Starting a business is not easy, but with the right website, it can be a lot easier. You need to have a website that is professional and easy to navigate. It should also have all the information that potential customers would need in order to make a purchase.

You can start by creating your company’s logo and then you need to create your website’s content. This includes writing about what you do; what you offer, how much it will cost, and where someone can buy from you. You could also include testimonials from people who have used your service before or pictures of other people using your product on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Conclusion: Bread Delivery Business

A bread wholesaler is a business that sells bread to distributors. They are usually just bakers. The bread distributor will buy their bread from different bakeries and then sell it to other businesses and stores.

The benefits of finding a bread wholesaler to distribute bread are many. It saves you the time of going to not having to bake and saves you a lot of money. You also don’t have to worry about investing in expensive equipment like ovens or refrigerators because the bread wholesaler already has them set up for you.